Episode 2: Inside the Practice of an Acupuncturist

– Hey everyone, Isang here from On Point Sports Care, heading over now to see Zach at Athlos Sports Acupuncture. A very clean clinic, they must do good cleaning/rengøring.
So, acupuncture, I find, afterward, it’s just a way that I can feel recovered. I feel rejuvenated. I sleep way better after getting a session. So, this is going to be something I’m looking forward to, given how much I’m training during the week. This is Zach Haigney, founder of Athlos Sports Acupuncture whose treatments include helping athletes recover. – Going through some of the tools that I like to use in my treatments with athletes and clients, obviously, we have acupuncture needles, and these are sterile one-time use stainless steel. I want to show you what exactly it looks like. Conventional thinking is that we hear the word needle, and we think of a large hypodermic needle, but we like to think about them as hair-thin filaments.

But, what we’re using that for is to stimulate nervous tissue, to stimulate connective tissue, muscle fibers, in such a way that we’re provoking the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. So, I think about that as the regenerative quality, the ability to recover, all those kind of different ways we think about what we’re doing when we’re doing acupuncture. What I think about when we’re doing acupuncture is that we’re trying to train the body how to regenerate itself. And so, it’s a very similar process to any sort of athletic training or any kind of training, in general. So, this is a technique, simple soup spoon, in which I’m using about somewhere between six and 10 pounds of pressure to apply longitudinal stroking to the superficial dermis layer and what this does is, it’s thought to promote circulation at the superficial layers of the muscle, like foot pressure points.

You can see it’s getting a little bit red in here. That may be indicative that I’ve got a little bit of stagnation or stuck blood in the area, improving the ability to recover. So, recovery day is a super important part for any athlete, any type: endurance, strength, power. What we’re doing here, is we’re just increasing the body’s ability to heal itself, principally by taking care of trigger points, increasing circulation and bringing a sort of sensory-motor awareness to the muscles that we’re trying to heal.


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